What is a VAT Scan?

A VAT scan is a smart and efficient tool, stating possible VAT risks, threats and savings on all foreign VAT matters.

Are you responsible for your VAT registration and VAT return abroad, ICP statement and Intrastat notification? Or do you outsource these matters? Then you’ll also be dealing with the following questions:

  • Have the VAT report, ICP statement and Intrastat notification been correctly submitted?
  • What are our VAT savings opportunities?
  • Do the purchase and sales invoices meet the local invoice requirements?
  • How do we (further) minimize VAT risks?

The VAT scan gives answers to all of these questions. And more.

How does the VAT scan work?

The VAT scan contains an interview by telephone, e-mail or at your office, taking about 45-60 minutes. Within one week you’ll receive a VAT report with our findings and recommendations.

Benefits of your VAT scan

  • You’ll have full clarity about your VAT risks
  • You’ll be able to act on your VAT savings options
  • You’ll have an optimal VAT position, never paying too much, nor receiving too little VAT
  • You’ll have minimum risk on additional sales tax and fines.

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