Fiscal representation in a foreign country

In many countries, fiscal representation is required, and a local agent is supporting when meeting the administrative requirements of the country regarding

What is fiscal representation?

A fiscal representative meets the VAT obligations on behalf of your company in the country regarding. It’s your only point of contact for the relevant tax authorities. Therefore, having fiscal representations makes dealing with VAT matters adequate to all parties. A fiscal representative is (partly) responsible for the VAT you pay as a foreign company. We provide services for fiscal representation abroad, like correct invoicing and all VAT matters in the relevant country.

What is a local agent?

In several countries, we have a fixed point of contact for the tax authorities: a local agent, providing services on behalf of your company. Furthermore, the local agent makes sure all communication with local tax authorities is done correctly, so we’re able to take care of all VAT matters as quickly as possible. A local agent has less authorizations and responsibilities than a fiscal representative and is not legally liable.

For more information about fiscal representation or a local agent, please give us a call or send an e-mail.

Your benefits:

  • Services of a fiscal representative and local agent are provided for in your own language
  • Multiple fiscal representatives or local agents are provided for as well
  • You don’t get to deal with parties abroad. Your only point of contact is your VAT consultant
  • We’ll arrange for your fiscal representation and/or local agent quickly
  • We guarantee a low fee.

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