Refund of VAT in Norway

VAT in Norway is named: MVA, Merverdiavgift

  • 25%
    VAT percentage high rate
  • 15% and 12%
    VAT percentage reduced and low rates
  • Deadline for reclaiming Norwegian VAT for the year 2023 is 30 June 2024

Reclaiming VAT in Norway (MVA)

Companies can reclaim the VAT paid in Norway. Please send us your Norwegian tax invoices and receipts. Even when you think or hear that reclaiming is not possible. We will look at the possibilities for the refund of the VAT paid in Norway. So you will receive the refund belonging to you.

How can you check whether you have paid VAT in Norway?

Did you pay VAT in Norway? You can see this on the invoice where is indicated Merverdiavgift (abbreviated MVA). The percentage is also indicated: being 25% (high rate). 15% or 11% (low rate).

Refund of Norwegian VAT, about what should I be aware of?

Refund of the VAT paid in Norway is possible for the following items:

  • Fuel for trucks
  • Costs relating to seminars, conferences, meeting or congresses in Norway
  • Accommodatoin
  • Purchase and sales of goods
  • Purchase of raw materials
  • Purchase of materials

Example: You are participating on in exhibition in Norway. You have paid Norwegian VAT. The VAT paid in Norway (MVA on the invoice) can be reclaimed through InterVAT.

What if your submitted application for refund of VAT in Norway is rejected by the Norwegian Tax Authority?

Regularly invoices with Norwegian VAT are rejected for refund. Let your rejected application for refund of Norwegian VAT be reviewed by the VAT experts of InterVAT. Our VAT experts often still see possibilities for reclaiming the rejected turnover tax on your invoices.

Maximum refund of your VAT paid in Norway

Submit all invoices and receipts of payments in Norway. We will check and take care of the maximum refundable amount possible. Within a couple of days after receipt of your invoices, you will receive a confirmation indicating the maximum refundable VAT amount. You can follow your refund claim for repayment of Norwegian VAT easily online on our portal.

  • The deadline for reclaiming value added tax on invoice issued in 2023 in Norway is 30 June 2024
Reclaim your Norwegian VAT now!
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