InterVAT Professional advice

The Netherlands have always been a country of free trade globally. Increasing globalization and trade liberalization have increased the demand for independent and professional VAT consultancy in international trading.

We interpret local (EU) VAT law and legislation into practical advice. You’ll get advice on your VAT matters within 48 hours.

Examples of our VAT consultancy:

  • Supply chain risk analyses, so you know how to organize your VAT matters between different countries
  • Optimizing your VAT position, so you don’t pay too much or receive less than you’re entitled to
  • Compliance management to meet your VAT obligations
  • VAT matters concerning transactions abroad
  • Small-scaled, practical advice on doing business abroad concerning VAT.

Your benefits are:

  • Practical VAT consultancy
  • Advice based on local and (EU) law and regulation, jurisprudence and years of experience
  • Project-based advice
  • Second opinion

In need of VAT consultancy for your business abroad?

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